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All in-person treatments are offered either at my home 


At your location (A travel charge of $20 will apply)

I will bring my massage table. Available in Toronto only.


One on One Reiki Session

In person treatments consists of fully clothed participants

laying on a massage table.

Your location or mine

(treatment at your location, I bring my massage table)

*travel charge will apply

In-person treatments 1 hr

Payment by etransfer    $90.40   $80 + hst ($10.40)

Send etransfer to


Payment by credit card  $90.40   $80 + hst ($10.40)

Credit Card Payment Treatment  Travel time included  $113.00   $100.00  + hst (13.00)

Distance Reiki Session

Although Reiki is most often offered 

through an in-person, hands-on treatment,

it can also be practiced remotely. 

Long-distance Reiki, also known as Distance Reiki,

does not require participants to be in the same location

(treatments performed over the phone)

1 Hr  Phone Treatment

Payment by etransfer    $90.40   $85 + hst  (10.40)

send to



Payment by credit card  $90.40   $80 + hst  (10.40)

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