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My Story

In the winter of 2019, I became ill with an unknown & serious virus. This was before the media had announced Covid's  arrival in North America. After recovering,  I started to notice that my legs and feet were not behaving as normal. My feet would turn in or out without warning. My legs started to become numb and at times a burning pain would radiate all along the back of them. I was also experiencing falls. I was worried that I had Multiple Sclerosis. After seeing many specialists and having MRI's and Cat Scans performed, my doctors were stumped. There was no sign of any neurological issues. I was told I would have to live with these symptoms and was sent to a pain clinic. During the conversation with the pain doctor, she explained that many people had come to her with the same issues I was experiencing. And it had become clear to her that Covid had erased the cell memory of my legs. She couldn't tell me if or when things would feel normal again. 

This disappointing news led me to a path of self healing. I found an amazing Reiki Therapist and after working with her, she recommended that I take the training so that I could offer myself treatments  and promote self healing. I found my teacher Salima Pirani  and I began my path as a Siam Reiki Healer . I am truly grateful for the healing of my legs and for the gift of being blessed with the ability to support others in their healing. 

Image by Franco Antonio Giovanella

Meaning of Danu

On my path, I reached a place where a spiritual name that represented my experiences had become important to me. My mentor Colleen Santini of soultrek blessed me with the honour of carrying the name Danu.



Danu is a Goddess of Rivers, Water, Art, Prosperity, Magic, and Wisdom.

DANU is most associated with the Tuatha Dé Danaan, the people of the goddess Danu. These were a group of people,  who had been exiled from Ireland, and scattered. It is thought that Danu offered them her patronage, under which they succeeded in rebanding, learning new and magical skills, and returning to Ireland in a magical mist. The mist is thought to be the loving embrace of Danu herself. She is seen as having influenced them, nurturing these broken people back to strength, and imparting magic and esoteric wisdom to them. In this story we can identify aspects of the nurturing mother goddess, the teacher imparting wisdom, as well as the warrior goddess who does not give up. As the supreme matriarch, the Danu goddess breastfed all the gods, giving them wisdom and knowledge. She was also associated with the Earth and wind, being responsible for the agricultural blessings of Irish lands. 


self portrait of Danu by nanci miranda

Self portrait painted as a
Tarot Card of Danu

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