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Clients Experience


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Wow! I had an incredible Distance Reiki session with Nanci. When we were working on my digestive system, I was in awe of how much movement and sound was happening from my belly. It was so cool! My throat was feeling quite tight. Nanci took me through a throat clearing/releasing and I had a significant release. I loved the feeling of the crystals she placed in my palms. It felt very healing. I loved saying my intention out loud and feeling it anchor within me. The entire session was very healing. Thank you, Nanci.

Brenda B   (Life Assistant)

*Distance Treatment  Located in Guelph

Energy Breeze

by Nanci Miranda

My experience with Nanci was nothing short of amazing. I have received two sessions

with Nanci this past year, and each one I left feeling lighter, grounded and more at

peace with myself. The first session was extremely powerful as it validated my feelings and struggles I was experiencing, without having to verbalize them. Nanci was able to determine the root of the current challenges I had been facing, and worked from there. I found the first session to be life-changing as it brought me back to “me” and the second session brought me back to a state of calm- which I felt had been missing in my life. Thanks to Nanci for sharing her incredible gift with me and bringing clarity to my path- it had been a long time coming. I am forever grateful!”

    Claire M (Life Coach)          

*Distance Reiki Treatment  Located in London, Ontario



by Nanci Miranda

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End of Season

by Nanci Miranda

"My experience with Reiki Master Nanci Miranda would best be described as mysterious and intriguing. I have always been skeptical of things I can't see and understand in concrete ways. My session with Nanci came about basically because after a health issue that sent me into an anxiety attack, I turned to her when I simply couldn't handle the anxiety on my own. My hour with her was mysterious, and I can't explain what happened, but under her loving and kind hands,  I came to a place of calm for which I was extremely grateful. I hope to work with her again, because I see this as a path that might offer an extra layer of protection as I struggle to solve my health issue and control my anxiety around it. Thank you Nanci."

Susan B

In-person Treatment

Emotions above the surface.jpg

I and my body felt respected and honoured. It was a spiritual experience for me as my body and mind

listened to Nanci’s voice. Nanci’s instructions

are clear and stated in a very calming voice.

I was included in every step of the process and

felt totally seen. I felt safe, yet vulnerable awaiting

the arrival of what was to appear for my

healing. It was a fabulous experience to feel my body releasing memories / blocks, on its own time.

I remained relaxed and calm for the rest

of the day. I will be booking another

session to reclaim more of myself.

M.E. C  *In-person treatment

Emotions above the surface

by Nanci Miranda

Nanci is a great Reiki Master; I received several distance sessions, and I am so grateful to her. 

On the very first session, I didn’t know how it would unfold. I was laying on my bed with my eyes closed and listening to her sweet, gentle, and calming voice over the phone. I was in a different country (Mexico), and I could feel her right beside me.  

She took me through a lovely journey, the sense of serenity and peace was reflected in my body; I could feel all my muscles being relaxed, even my face (my jaw and forehead are usually very tight). She told me that it was okay if I fell asleep. I didn’t, but I  felt like I was floating,

like I was a feather drifting away, but my conscious mind was very present. 

During that first session I was visited by some of my very close family members that had passed away, and I got messages and advice from them. The joy I felt knowing they were with me and that they have always been, was immense.  

Thank you Nanci, for being the channel that made this reunion possible. 

Nanci could sense where the vital energy in my body was stuck; with her chanting and breathing exercises she was able to make that energy flow again. 

I knew I had some health issues, but she also detected some others that I was not aware of,

and she was able to release them before they manifested. 

After that session, I was so eager to have the next one, and the next one. Each session was a new adventure and all the peace and joy I felt during that hour, would last for days. I could say that Nanci helped me to overcome the most severe and long lasting health issue I have ever had,

and I am sure, it won’t manifest in my lifetime again. 

Deya B  

Distance Reiki located in Mexico City

Transformations occur over time and occasionally in the blink of an eye. I am so grateful to you Nanci for the Reiki treatments I have received over the past few months. The shifts that have occurred in my life as a result could, in some circles, be called miracles. I see these remarkable changes as the direct result of a shift in consciousness. A movement of energy so subtle and so beautiful that changed the trajectory of my life easily and comfortably. I have witnessed the beauty of your gift first-hand and I am profoundly grateful to you. My life is in a beautiful place, and I know you and your Reiki treatments are largely responsible for the change. Thank you, my friend for your love, your generosity, and the healing energy you share so willingly. You are a light in a world that is ready to receive it. 

Barbara S   (Speaker, Life Coach & Author )  

*In person Treatment  Located in Toronto

Nanci's warm disposition was a nice addition to her expertise as a Reiki Master. 

She has an exceptional ability to work with emotional energy with insight into what you need.

I felt grounded, calm and more present after my treatment. I highly recommend Nanci's services.

Susan C. (Reiki Master) 

Distance Treatment

I've received Reiki treatments a handful of times in the past and haven’t always felt the benefits.

My deep distance treatment with Nanci was off the hook, awesome; her gentle (voice) and powerful approach

(her gift) kept me feeling good for days and all from the comfort of my own home.

"Don’t knock it til you try it”

Enrico C (Actor)   

 *Distance Reiki Treatment

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