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How the F*ck does Reiki work?

Great question, right?

With each treatment I offer,
I am more and more blown away by the way energy works.
It is magical and expressive.

How is it possible that I can feel YOUR energy,
separate from mine, during a treatment?

After I place the Reiki Symbols into your heart at the beginning of a treatment, my physical

body stops paying attention to my inner world and only focuses on yours. I am suddenly filled with

a lining inside my body that corresponds to your body and that  becomes the dominant sensation.

- Where your pain (physical and mental) is located

- Where you are storing energy blocks

-  Your organs and cells start communicating with me;
Sometimes through sensation and sometimes through actual words.

Allowing all of this to happen during a treatment takes all of my attention.
This is why I work with my eyes closed.
It allows my senses to expand.

Reiki energy is performed by spirit guides, not me.
I am the vessel they work through. 

We all have our own guides. Some are animals and some are in human form.
They communicate to me by sharing images, emotions or words, revealing experiences

you have gone through that relate to a energy block that has been stored inside you for

protection. Once I share it out loud with you, its as if a key has unlocked a box inside, that

allows certain cells to release. This is why YOUR INTENTION for the treatment is so important.

When you state your focus at the beginning of your treatment, you are instructing your guides

towards the direction for your healing. 

While they work, I am completely dedicated to
your energy. 
What we experience together during a treatment is completely confidential.
It is never shared with anyone. 

I have been asked
"how do I know when a treatment is complete?"
Your guides simply stop working. One minute your energy is flowing through me and the next

I can feel my own body again. 

Why did I choose Reiki for my path?

I am a brilliant caregiver, well trained by life's hammer of grief. What once was a draining form

of service in my life that lead to many health issues,
is now through Reiki a fulfilling energy expanding gift that I cherish. I offer this gift to you

with all my heart.

My commitment to Reiki keeps expanding and I'm excited to share new gifts that develop

with you during your treatments.

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