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Energy Clearings 

Energetic cleansing for your home or business can significantly improve the energies contained within that space. In releasing stagnant energies, helping you feel much lighter! Many clients request this service just before or after moving into a new home or office space. 

Have you been suffering from an illness  and your space feels like it is lacking or has dense energy?

Would you like to increase productivity & income for your business, by creating a bright and energized space for you and your employees ?

Have you moved into a new space and it has lingering energy from the previous family?

Have you been going through a divorce and are finding that your home is holding onto the negative energy?

A typical energy clearing  takes about 1.5 hrs for an Apartment, Condo or Office Space. Depending on the size of your home, a clearing could take up to 3 hours. As a result you will feel much lighter and your home or business or any other area you choose to clear will have a more positive flow of energy and feel fresh to create new experiences in. 

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Calm & centered Home

person working in office

Increased productivity

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Rejuvenated space

Pricing for Clearings

A free 15 minute zoom consultation is required before booking a clearing.

Please connect with me through the form below to schedule a meeting time.

1.5 Hour Clearing (500 - 1000 sqft)

$150.00 plus hst

3 Hour Clearing (1100 - 2500 sqft )

$300.00 plus hst

4 Hour Clearing (2600 - 3500 sqft)

$400.00 plus hst

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You can purchase your clearing after we connect on zoom

and choose your timeslot.

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Nanci Miranda - Reiki Master

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Toronto, Ontario


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