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 Miscarriage Recovery


The loss of a child is something I know all to well. Having gone through that experience myself, I know the difficult and painful journey, intimately. The stress and worry that you may not be able to conceive again and if you do, will another loss occur.  Reiki is a

gentle way to lower your anxiety and bring balance into your body and thoughts. Releasing the trauma you have suffered that is stuck in the cells of your body. Allow me to support you during this journey of transformation.

Information about how reiki can help after suffering a miscarriage

Please connect with me with the form below

to discuss your needs and book a time & location for your treatment.


reach out at 416-435-6611 to connect by phone

All in-person treatments are offered at my home

(please note my location has pets) 


One on One Reiki Treatment

In person treatments consists of fully clothed participants

laying on a massage table




Connect, I'm here to help.

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